You want to use Excel and Word integrated in your SAP-system? No problem. You need a web portal for your end customers or employees? We got it.

From time to time a consultant faces similar problems again and again at different customers. hzcon has made products from it that can be implemented with little effort. And if your needs are a little bit more special, our products can be adopted easily.

Check out the product information on this page or contact us for a detailed presentation.

Elephant MailMerge

Elephant MailMerge is the easy-to-use application to create mail merges from your SAP-system you were waiting for. Use Microsoft word to create templates, Excel to define your target group - but still integrated to your SAP-system.

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Office integration for your SAP-system

Word and excel files are created on-the-fly in your SAP-system, can be edited manually by the user and then processed in the SAP-system to store or send them.
This works in SAP GUI as well as in CRM WebUI, Fiori or other interfaces.

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Rabbit Customer portal

Our customer portal is a lean self-service solution that gives your customers direct access to relevant customer data. It can be used in SAP IS-U (industry solutions for utilities) for registration of new customers, meter readins, invoice overview etc.

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CRM templates for IS-U Customers

Add a SAP CRM sytem to your existing SAP IS-U now. And stay in time and in budget with your project.
the hzcon templates make it possible!

Your contact person for all questions about our products: Dr. Stephan Ziemer, Phone: +49 621 405483 40