Word integration to SAP

Videos of the hzcon office integration with word in SAP Fiori and SAP GUI

Integrate Word perfectly in your SAP processes

Your SAP sytem now is able to create word files! Just put your word templates in the SAP system and with the hzcon SAP Office Integration you can open word with one click from your business processes. The relevant data from your process is filled into the word template directly in backend which makes it fast, reliable and easy to use.

Easy template maintenance

You can use every word file (in *.docx format) as a template. There is no need for any special tools to create the templates and no need for macros. You even can continue using existing templates. Just enter ordinary merge fields where you want the hzcon Office Integration to enter data, that's it.

Date is filled from SAP system

When opening, the template is filled with all the required data in the background before it is displayed to the user for editing. It does not matter whether text, numbers or pictures are to be inserted. Tables in Word are also not a problem.

Further processing in your business case

If the user saves the Word file with his changes, you can continue to use it seamlessly in the SAP process. E.g. save with an order or send as an attachment to an email.

The file stays in the SAP system

With the hzcon Office Integration, the word file does not have to be downloaded and then uploaded back to the SAP system after editing. Instead, it remains in the backend system during the entire process. It is opened directly from the server for editing, so the user does not have to do anything other than paste the required information into the Word file save as usual. We'll do the rest!

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