Office integration

Word and excel integration into your SAP-system made easy!

The hzcon office integration now enables you to use word and excel files with your SAP-system just as you need it.

Characteristics of the office integration

Word and SAP

Create word templates without the need for special tools, use text, numbers, images and even tables - and all this integrated to your existing SAP processes.
Find out more about how to use word files in your SAP system easily.

Videos of the hzcon office integration with word in SAP Fiori and SAP GUI


The hzcon Office Integration is certified by SAP. That ensures that your can install the add-on in your SAP system without any negative side effects. Also it will not interfere with support packages or new SAP releases and you can uninstall the add-on.


The hzcon Office Integration costs a one-time fee of 6,000 net per productive SAP system (with any number of clients).    

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